Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kenhorst, Berks County, PA September 2009

Witness reports a number of Triangle Shaped craft overhead between 9 and 10 pm in what he describes as a formation similar to military aircraft. There were 4 objects dark in color with a pale green light across the rear of the craft. They stayed in a Triangle formation and vanished from sight in a few minutes. No sound was heard. No electrical disturbances or animal reaction. They appeared from nowhere and then gone!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

1984 Singleton NSW, Austalia Sighting by Military Personnel

Please understand that the information I am giving here is based on an incident that I witnessed whilst serving in the military at the time. I was ordered not to discuss the information for at least 25 years or I could be subject to prosecution due to the "Official Secrets Act" I do not know if I am still bound by the Act as that was 30 years ago. The incident occurred during training exercises at the Singleton Army Camp, Singleton NSW, Australia. I was serving at the time in the Australian Army. We were involved in night operational training when the platoon I was with felt, we didn't hear anything, the vibrations of a large rectangular object pass over us. The vibrations we such that we could all feel the ground moving under our feet to a soft beat. I looked up and pointed the object to my CO and the platoon paused out training to watch the vehicle pass. Whilst we were watching it we saw two F111 aircraft swing towards it and when they were within five miles of the object it seemed to wink out of existence with a bright flash of bluish white light and a loud pop. The next morning around 0630 hrs. we were all paraded into a building where officers who never introduced themselves except for giving ranks, one was a major and one was a lieutenant, and we had to describe the incident to them in detail. The one thing I remember about the Major, he was not Australian but rather American.

Russell, Ontario, Canada Sighting

I had returned home from an early morning newspaper route and was looking at the stars in the late night sky and noticed a bright star in the southern sky that I thought would be Venus, however Venus was then noticed further to the eastern sky where the horizon was brightening in the very early dawn. This other bright star then seemed out-of-place because I had never noticed before two such bright stars in this space before. I kept looking at this new bright star and as I watched, it began to fade, and as it became like a faint star it started to move away from its position, heading straight upwards to the south, not across the horizon like a satellite but straight upwards like into space. This was obviously not a star, but a craft of some kind. I watched the object until it was out-of-sight. I believe this was a space craft of some type that had been in stationary orbit that night and had stayed too long as the sun was rising. Suddenly the occupants realized that they were reflecting the sun on a flat broad surface and turned the craft away and headed out of orbit so as not to be observed, but I had seen them. I look forward to seeing them again and this sighting has given me a new and different and hopeful perspective on our existence here. I know what I saw, and I know that there are beings with crafts that travel through space and they are watching us. Or, our own governments have such things already that are very secret. But it was really there.

Davis California UAP

A fuzzy orange ball of light which I first thought was a star approaches quickly before making turn and climbing out of sight. I was standing in my backyard, facing south, looking at the sky, around 9:30 PM. I glanced over to the right and saw what I thought was a star but it looked different. It was glowing brightly and orange in color. This “star”, I now noticed, was moving toward me from the WSW. I removed my glasses briefly as I thought the “star” look blurry and thought maybe my glasses were dirty. In the next moment the object appeared to be much closer and changed from the size of a distant star to what seemed the size of a street light, still high in the sky but with a warmer more orange color. Than it just turned to the south and began to move away climbing higher and higher until it was just a tiny dot and then was gone. I was never able to tell the altitude, the speed must have been incredible, but I could not even guess how fast it was traveling. And there was absolutely no sound, complete silence.

UAP Over Virginia

In a small southwest Virginia town called Haysi...On the night of July 20th, at 10:45 pm... I was sitting on my porch talking on the phone and looking at the mountain range across from me... I thought I saw a shooting star, then the "star" made a u-turn heading back toward the way it came.. It stopped for several seconds and begin to move in a somewhat zig-zig pattern.. My next thought was satellite? However, giving the distance it was moving I find it difficult to believe it was that... Now keeping in mind this is rural country and No where close to an airport or military base... I watched the light for maybe 3-4 minutes but not long after it just vanished military jets buzzed the area I live in. Once in a while you can hear one but not often... Then the following morning the jets were back, they were low enough that I seen them enough to know what they were and how many. They were so loud they literally shook my and other peoples houses... I don't know what I saw, I don't know if it could have been sophisticated military aircraft so far away all I could see was light? I'm just not certain. But I can say I have never seen that before, and it was strange!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We are looking for Information, Eye Witness reports, or Photographs pertaining to the Missing Persons Incident of August 3-4, 2002. All information received will be kept Confidential.
Forward any information to

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Huge Triangle Over Fort Indiantown Gap Military Facility

June 30, 2014, 2315 hours. A report of a huge Triangle flying over Fort Indiantown Gap and being followed by 3 Military Helicopters. Witness states it had a white light on each corner of the Triangle and totally silent moving Westbound over Routes 81 and 78 towards Harrisburg PA. He watched till out of site. He also said it was moving slowly in the night sky. There have been a number of reports of Unknown objects in that area over the last few years. He also said the Helicopters looked to be following and not chasing the object.