Friday, March 11, 2016

Triangles Spotted Over Harrisburg PA

Multiple witness sightings of strange large triangular crafts seen over Lower Paxton Township. That area has reported 35 sighting in 2015.

Friday, November 27, 2015

P&M Fortean Research / UFORCOP: Investigation Updates

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

For those readers who are not aware of the research and investigations conducted by our team, the following information is a bit of a recap with links and updates:

Todd Sees Investigation (Ongoing)
This is an ongoing investigation. Because of this, some of the information has not yet been disclosed. The reason being that there are other avenues that need to be investigated. The most up-to-date information (available for disclosure) is located at the link above. It is well known that many aspects of this case have been hidden and removed from public record. Through sheer determination and luck, the full official autopsy report was acquired by our team. The property was again thoroughly documented and photographed in 2015. Other witnesses have recently come forward and are assisting in the investigation.
We have always maintained that investigators should work hand-in-hand to find the truth, but also give credit where credit is due. This is why the team is continuing to propose the formation of a discussion group in order to consider the facts in the matter of Todd Sees' disappearance, death and recovery. This would be an opportunity to bring together investigators and possible witnesses...and add fresh eyes and perception on the evidence. We would welcome your input on this concern.
In the meantime, any new information concerning this incident is welcomed. Please forward to or go to UFORCOP contact...Thanks.

Arcane Radio - Butch Witkowski / Pennsylvania Bi-Pedal Canine Investigation
In the radio show, we discussed the field investigation. The groups currently involved in the field investigation include the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research, Anomalis Investigations and members of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot well as other independent researchers. We will share sighting information with other researchers in order to comprehensively cover all reported areas. This is a serious investigation and we want to be diligent when gathering evidence.
The first phase of a broad boots-on-the-ground investigation began on October 23-25 at the Clearfield County encounter locations. No conclusive evidence was found or recorded, but there were a few unexplained anomalies witnessed in the area in question. The team plans to return to the area soon. The next phase of the investigation will be conducted at the Cambria & Blair County encounter locations.

Currently, there are 11 sightings in 7 areas that the group will concentrate their efforts. We are asking any and all witnesses to come forward with information. You can remain will have our strictest confidence.
We will be sharing sighting information with other researchers in order to comprehensively cover all reported areas. This is a serious investigation and we want to be diligent when gathering evidence.
The current updates:
Update: Central Pennsylvania Dogman / Bi-Pedal Canine Investigation - 9/4/2015
2nd Bi-Pedal Wolf Encountered - Northwest Clearfield Co., PA
3rd Bi-Pedal Canine Sighting - Central Pennsylvania (Update)
We are adding Michaux State Forest to the possible sighting list - Yellow Eyes in Dead Woman's Hollow
The following investigations are ongoing with the combined efforts of P&M Fortean Research / UFORCOP / Cryptid Four Corners / Anomalis Investigations:
- 'Conewago Phantom' Investigation
- Flying 'Manta Ray Shaped' Anomalies Investigation
- Lakewood Lycan Investigation
- Pennsylvania Underground Facilities
You can contact us at or UFORCOP - Contact. All updates will be posted on Phantoms & Monsters.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Creature Sightings Penfield PA

We are looking for creature sightings in the Penfield PA area. Contact or

All information received will be confidential.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Northumberland PA

On September 14th, 2002 at 1:45 PM, approximately 3 weeks after the See's incident, a large silver disk-shaped UFO was reported to me by a resident in Northumberland, PA. The UFO was hovering above the Montour Ridge, very near the See's property. The witness, who was an attorney in the area, stated that they estimated that the craft was over 400 ft in diameter, 1500 ft above ground and silent. There was a soft glow around the craft which allowed a visual description. It hovered for approximately 30 seconds, then disappeared completely. I received the report on September 17th, 2002...before I had any knowledge of the Sees incident.

There have been 30 UFO-related sighting reports to MUFON for Northumberland County, PA since 1995. We are constantly checking with databases and researchers for other reports. Your cooperation would be appreciated. Lon
Strickler and Butch Witkowski

Friday, November 7, 2014

Strange Creature Report, Clearfield County

Witness Rendering.
We received a report from a man walking his two dogs on November 6, 2014 of large hairy creature that crossed in front of him on a hiking path near the State Game Lands # 331, near Penfield PA. He is a hunter and familiar with the area. He says it was not a bear although it seemed to have a protruding snout. It stood approximately 8 to 10 feet tall and moved quickly with large steps into the brush. The dogs went crazy and wanted to pursue it but he had all he could do to control them and get out of the area. After taking the dogs back to his vehicle he ventured back to the area of the sighting but found nothing. He relates he does not believe in Sasquatch but cannot explain what he saw. The protruding snout is what puzzles him. He also stated that it looked more like a hairy man and that's the best he can describe it as it was only in his sight for a minute or less.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mothman-like Entity - Lancaster County, PA Area


 Have you seen this entity? I offer this sketch rendition of a Mothman-like being that has been seen by several witnesses in and around the Lancaster, PA area.

The entity sightings were concentrated in a specific residential neighborhood during one period. Since that time, the sightings have been sporadic throughout the general Lancaster, PA area. At least one witness has stated that objects inside the house 'moved' during these encounters.

Some details of the encounters are not being disclosed at this time. I am currently in the process of collecting witness reports in order to expand an investigation. Any information that you may have would be appreciated. Please forward to You can also send your information to UFORCOP contact