Monday, October 21, 2013

Very Bright Red Light Seen Over Bucks County PA

A large and very bright red light was witnessed falling from the sky and just disappeared. Witness was so taken back he never took a picture. Still can't believe what he saw in the sky over Newtown PA.

Strange Lights Over Lebanon County

Flashing lights witnessed in the area above Fort Indiantown Gap. Very high in the sky and pulsating. Witness very familiar with Air Traffic in the area and says it was no Commercial or Military craft. Photos taken but object too far away and too high in the night sky.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Todd Sees Case Update

After four plus years, countless miles, untold amounts of time and money, the Todd Sees case is nearing it's end. The findings and all pertinent documentation will be ready for presentation by late January 2014. As soon as an appropriate venue has been found to make the presentation it will be announced both on our Blog page and website.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bright Red Disappearing Light Over Susquehanna and Hershey PA

One report from 10.18.13 and 10.19.13 reveal a steady or slow moving bright red light that after a few minutes just disappears from view. There have been a total of 5 reported to UFORCOP in three days. We have all researchers scanning the skies in their areas in Pennsylvania to see if we can get a photo or more information on these unknown objects. If you have any photos or information regarding these objects please contact us at

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Strange Object Photographed over Berks and Carbon Counties

The above object was photographed above Berks and Carbon Counties Oct. 14, 2013. Witness described as carousel shaped. Photo above taken over Carbon County, PA

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Eckley PA Black Panther Report 10.12.13

Three miles outside of Weatherly PA on Buck Mountain Road. Viewed for a good two minutes. Witness checked his cell phone Internet connection to look at a picture of a Black Panther and swears that is what he and his sister saw sitting on the edge of the road. The long silky Black tail and green eyes were very visible in the vehicles headlights. The animal was large, muscular and certainly no feral cat. This witness is a long time Crypto researcher.

Strange Lights Over Chester Springs PA

10.12.13 Several reddish very bright lights flying in groups of 4 to 6 together and separating into more lights.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bigfoot in the News Again!

Dr. Melba Ketchum and the Gnome Project once again say that after spending $500,000.00 on research and field studies they have conclusive prove Bigfoot does indeed exist. Same old photos and HD film with blurry movement of something in the woods and the famous sleeping Bigfoot photos. They also claim the DNA they have is conclusive. I assume they are talking about the same DNA refuted by just about everyone who studies DNA both in the US and abroad. Why is it that professional trackers find nothing and one Bigfoot researcher finds evidence every time he takes a walk in the woods? One PA Researcher claims to have found a link to Bigfoot and UFO's. Another Idaho researcher claims he has proof that Bigfoot is indeed an unknown species of ape. So once again in proving the existence of Bigfoot is not about the quantity of evidence but the quality of evidence. To date Bigfoot evidence is invariably revealed to be mistaken identity or hoaxes.

(note) High Definition photos and film are not blurry or fuzzy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beaver County PA Cave Lights

A report received tells of an orb shaped object sometimes very bright and sometimes dim, white in color entering and exiting a cave in Beaver County. The submitter of the report who lives near the cave area says that the light is only seen on nights where a full moon is intact. He also states there seems to be a figure inside the light. He will not be going inside to investigate. The cave is not very deep, maybe a couple of hundred feet and at one point becomes flooded. He says the cave goes on but the water depth is unknown. When asked how long he has seen this phenomenon he said "It's been going on for years and I'm not the only one seeing this" Asked if he reported it to anyone he said "Yes, but no one ever comes to see for themselves." We will see if we can find any historical reports on this and then mount a trip to Beaver County during a full moon event to see if we can capture a photo both inside and outside the cave. We may also dispatch our diver to see what if anything is in the flooded area of the cave.

Southern Missouri Orbs

A series of sightings in southern Missouri have prompted UFORCOP researchers to search for evidence on a mountain due to one report of an Orb shooting down a beam of red light on the mountain. Some anomalies have been found at the site but no report as yet due to control samples need testing. This particular area has seen a number of recent reports of Orbs both large and small.

Bigfoot Sighting Reports

Reports have been received of two alleged Bigfoot Sightings in Southern Berks County and Northern Chester County. The Berks County sighting was dismissed by a Park Ranger as a Black Bear due to prints left by animal identified as such. The Chester County sighting is still under investigation.

More Triangle Reports Received

Triangles are seen by multiple witnesses in the Eastern Sky over Exeter Township, PA and over Route 80 near the Wilkes Barre - Scranton region of the state. Sighting reports are similar as to the shape, size and lighting exhibited by the crafts. The one sighting over Route 80 has multiple witnesses to the event.

Equipment Test Turned Skywatch Yeilds Nine UAP Sightings

On 9.28.13 a yearly test of all equipment in our #4 research unit took place at French Creek State Park, Berks County PA. After checking all radio communications and computer links,cameras and field equipment myself and another UFORCOP researcher decided to hold an impromptu Sky watch. We arrived at 1800 hours and at 2025 hours commenced the watch. The first sighting took place within minutes and a fast walker was sighted in the Northwest clear dark sky. Ceiling was unlimited and binocular viewing was perfect. Between 2025 hours and 2245 hours 8 were spotted by us and one was spotted by a PA State Law Enforcement Officer who had stopped to periodically check on us during his patrol that evening. All were single sightings except the sighting at 1945 hours was a pair. All exhibited extremely fast, zig zag movement across the sky and appeared as tiny bright white lights very high in the sky. All but the one which was detected by the officer were in our frontal view area. The one the officer saw was behind us and exhibited a straight flight pattern then suddenly dipped and returned to it's flight pattern as first seen. The sky was clear and temp. was approx. 49°. We did not see anymore activity after 2300 hrs. We departed the site at 0800 hrs. Talking with the officer regarding any other sightings in the area he stated there were a number of both high white objects as we witnessed and low multicolored lights at the lake over the years. We will be returning to the site throughout the coming months too see if the sightings continue. No photos were obtained as the objects never came out of the same area twice and were at varied viewing angles and altitudes and till you had the camera turned on and tried to focus on the object in the view finder it was gone over the horizon. We will use a time lapse camera on our next outing. We will also have more observers on the site.