Sunday, January 21, 2018

Strange and Beyond News with Vance Nesbitt

Presque Isle Case still an Unknown after 52 Years - Project Blue Book Case #10798

July 31, 1966; Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania. 7:25 p.m.
Witnesses: Douglas Tibbetts, 16; Betty Klem, 16; Anita Haifley,
22; and Gerald Labelle, 29. Square or hexagonal object with
edges lit or reflecting light, came tumbling down from right to
left. Stopped 5-10′ above the beach and settled heavily down;
circle of spotlights at top were visible when it was on the
ground. Sighting lasted 5 minutes. .

Latest Bi-Pedal Report, Allegheny National Forest Route 6 Daylight Sighting

A man returning home from work on Route 6, sees a bi-pedal creature exit the side of the road on an angle right in front of him onto and across the highway into a wooded area. He got a good look at it and describes the being as a "Wolf Man" He said it was massive and had strange glowing eyes and a wolf head. It crossed the highway and after he passed it he looked in his rear view mirror to see it cross back again to the wooded area it came from. He also said it had strange looking legs and long arms. It's fur was very dark in color and it seemed to pay no attention to him at all. This description matches all but one report UFORCOP has received since 2014.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Existence of Strange Things

Chicago Phantom Sketch

Just out from Lon Strickler available on

Clip of Bigfoot video from Canada

The Pennsylvania Lycan Loop is Expanding in 2018

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Upcoming Expeditions in Pennsylvania 2018

Blair, Clearfield, Fulton, Centre, Cambria, Allegheny, Lycoming, Counties.

The Existence of Strange Things

The Existence of Strange Things on Radio Memphis