Thursday, January 30, 2014

UFOlogy Has Lost A Great Researcher

UFOlogy has lost a great researcher and the planet a wonderful person. Elaine Douglass who headed UFORCOP UTAH, passed away Monday, January 27 , 2014. She had been fighting cancer for many years; but she never let it stop her. When it was discovered that MUFON, whom she had been a member of for 25 years, had signed a contract with Bigelow, allowing him to buy case information, she spearheaded the Committee to Reform MUFON. Elaine believed in MUFON and she worked hard for the organization and UFOlogy. She was MUFON State Director for Washington, D.C. and Utah. She organized ORTK, Operation Right to Know, holding demonstrations at the White House, protesting UFO Secrecy. She was a guest speaker at the 2005 MUFON Symposium. Later she founded JAR, the Journal of Abduction Research. Elaine's research focus was the subject of US-ET collaboration. In a 2013 interview ( Elaine presented her most recent research indicating that the multiplying reports of US citizens victimized by "psychotronic weapons" represent efforts by US intelligence agencies to test and deploy mind control technologies derived from ET abductions.

I got to know Elaine during the Committee to Reform MUFON in 2009. We worked together on several projects, and spent many many hours on the phone. Most recently she joined UFORCOP and she and Butch Witkowski decided to begin publishing JAAR, The Journal of Abnormal Abduction Research. She was delighted and was looking forward to the first issue in March 2014. (

Unknown to many, Elaine held a Masters degree from MIT in military policy. She was a sharp tongued, tell it like I see it kind of person. She was ethical, moral, and hated injustice. She had a great sense of humor. She never let her illness stop her from doing the work that was so important to her. She had become an integral part of UFORCOP in the time she had with the group. She left behind many people who loved and respected her. Elaine is one of a kind. 

Barb Becker, UFORCOP Missouri Investigators Group and MIG

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