Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Huge Triangle Over Fort Indiantown Gap Military Facility

June 30, 2014, 2315 hours. A report of a huge Triangle flying over Fort Indiantown Gap and being followed by 3 Military Helicopters. Witness states it had a white light on each corner of the Triangle and totally silent moving Westbound over Routes 81 and 78 towards Harrisburg PA. He watched till out of site. He also said it was moving slowly in the night sky. There have been a number of reports of Unknown objects in that area over the last few years. He also said the Helicopters looked to be following and not chasing the object.


  1. I find it interesting, when objects are followed by military helicopters. As, perhaps they are craft, we have developed. And they follow craft, so if they crash or mal-function. The helicopters will be able to block off the site immediately. so as no outside person's are able to check out sight. We have now, had time to learn from these downed craft. Also, the goverments have been working with certain beings. That are exchanging information, this has been on going since Roswell.

  2. I agree totally with your statement. The witness stated specifically they were following the object not in pursuit of the object. As for back engineering it has been going on for a very long time by all governments.

  3. This sounds like they witnessed a test run of an F 117 Night Hawk stealth bomber,

    1. Witness states moving very slowly and totally silent.