Friday, November 7, 2014

Strange Creature Report, Clearfield County

Witness Rendering.
We received a report from a man walking his two dogs on November 6, 2014 of large hairy creature that crossed in front of him on a hiking path near the State Game Lands # 331, near Penfield PA. He is a hunter and familiar with the area. He says it was not a bear although it seemed to have a protruding snout. It stood approximately 8 to 10 feet tall and moved quickly with large steps into the brush. The dogs went crazy and wanted to pursue it but he had all he could do to control them and get out of the area. After taking the dogs back to his vehicle he ventured back to the area of the sighting but found nothing. He relates he does not believe in Sasquatch but cannot explain what he saw. The protruding snout is what puzzles him. He also stated that it looked more like a hairy man and that's the best he can describe it as it was only in his sight for a minute or less.


  1. Sounds Like A Canine Creature to Me!

  2. It could be, but it's never been seen on all fours like most all canine reports, and it size is much larger than Dog Man type sightings. Another thing puzzling is dog man reports are not all the same, while all reports we have are mostly identical in the creatures description.

  3. Sounds Like A Canine Creature to Me!

  4. how many sightings like this have been reported? I grew up in Jefferson county and am very interested in this topic as well as other "creature sightings"

    1. 23 reports to date...