Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Equipment Test Turned Skywatch Yeilds Nine UAP Sightings

On 9.28.13 a yearly test of all equipment in our #4 research unit took place at French Creek State Park, Berks County PA. After checking all radio communications and computer links,cameras and field equipment myself and another UFORCOP researcher decided to hold an impromptu Sky watch. We arrived at 1800 hours and at 2025 hours commenced the watch. The first sighting took place within minutes and a fast walker was sighted in the Northwest clear dark sky. Ceiling was unlimited and binocular viewing was perfect. Between 2025 hours and 2245 hours 8 were spotted by us and one was spotted by a PA State Law Enforcement Officer who had stopped to periodically check on us during his patrol that evening. All were single sightings except the sighting at 1945 hours was a pair. All exhibited extremely fast, zig zag movement across the sky and appeared as tiny bright white lights very high in the sky. All but the one which was detected by the officer were in our frontal view area. The one the officer saw was behind us and exhibited a straight flight pattern then suddenly dipped and returned to it's flight pattern as first seen. The sky was clear and temp. was approx. 49°. We did not see anymore activity after 2300 hrs. We departed the site at 0800 hrs. Talking with the officer regarding any other sightings in the area he stated there were a number of both high white objects as we witnessed and low multicolored lights at the lake over the years. We will be returning to the site throughout the coming months too see if the sightings continue. No photos were obtained as the objects never came out of the same area twice and were at varied viewing angles and altitudes and till you had the camera turned on and tried to focus on the object in the view finder it was gone over the horizon. We will use a time lapse camera on our next outing. We will also have more observers on the site.

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