Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bright Red Disappearing Light Over Susquehanna and Hershey PA

One report from 10.18.13 and 10.19.13 reveal a steady or slow moving bright red light that after a few minutes just disappears from view. There have been a total of 5 reported to UFORCOP in three days. We have all researchers scanning the skies in their areas in Pennsylvania to see if we can get a photo or more information on these unknown objects. If you have any photos or information regarding these objects please contact us at


  1. They don't just "disappear" - at last, the three I saw didn't.

    I'm from Adams County and saw three bright lights in a triangular formation immediately upon leaving my driveway, for a ride to York. At that time, they were cross-county - about 500 yards distant. My route took me directly underneath them, however, and (starting with the one in the lead), they each "shrunk" from a very bright orangish/amber hue to a dull ball of light, significantly smaller, which accelerated straight up through the clouds and on, out of sight.

    I must have been no more than 500 to 1,000 feet away and saw them with extreme clarity as they travelled North to South. I pulled over to call my wife about 3 miles down the road and, looking back, I saw two more appear/disappear near where the original sighting occurred. From that distance, it was impossible to see if they shrunk/took off upwards as the others had, but I can only assume they did.

    I've seen the same amber lights on three other occasions, but never from so close. This was truly a remarkable experience.

    1. Since that is what was reported by witness we cannot say they disappeared as they could have just been passing through cloud cover which is often the case. There are reports and many of them where the object just stays it's path till out of site. Some witnesses describe objects as imploding or exploding. Some reports state they appear and disappear. Truly a very strange phenomenon.