Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beaver County PA Cave Lights

A report received tells of an orb shaped object sometimes very bright and sometimes dim, white in color entering and exiting a cave in Beaver County. The submitter of the report who lives near the cave area says that the light is only seen on nights where a full moon is intact. He also states there seems to be a figure inside the light. He will not be going inside to investigate. The cave is not very deep, maybe a couple of hundred feet and at one point becomes flooded. He says the cave goes on but the water depth is unknown. When asked how long he has seen this phenomenon he said "It's been going on for years and I'm not the only one seeing this" Asked if he reported it to anyone he said "Yes, but no one ever comes to see for themselves." We will see if we can find any historical reports on this and then mount a trip to Beaver County during a full moon event to see if we can capture a photo both inside and outside the cave. We may also dispatch our diver to see what if anything is in the flooded area of the cave.


  1. Where in Beaver County is this cave?? justin@rynopro.com

  2. Cave said to be in the Brady's Run Park area. We have tried to contact the submitter but to no avail.